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Say hello to my cello…

Quick note before we start, when my husband proof read this blog he asked me what a cello was, so just in case, its a cellophane wrapper. Now we can begin.

It really used to bug me that I used plastic cellos to protect my work. My designs are sold as greeting cards and prints, they are visual products and need to be seen. (If you want to be helpful, share the shit out of them as they need to be seen more, I have bills to pay) So display is key and protection of the product is important, so how could I ease my conscience about the plastic, whilst at the same time needing it for my product?

Normally the answer to my problems is chocolate...

but not this time. Its POTATOES! I can tell you're surprised, even thought you can see the potato picture below.

Bonkers I know, but there are people out there who are scientists/sorcerers and they can turn potato starch into transparent cellos exactly like the ones I need for my cards, prints and conscience. The 'plastic' cello can be put in your kitchen compost caddy and it will decompose within a few months.

Excellent work so far. I am cautious not to delve too deeply into how much energy and water is used to make such a product, because I’m bathing in my own glory. I am helping to save the planet. (When you say that sentence, you have to say ‘I’ in a really powerful way, otherwise it doesn’t sound right, you probably need to go back and re-read it just to make sure)

Since I have been using these, I have had a few fellow designers ask for the details. If you're interested in where I get them then look no further. They are a bit more expensive than plastic cellos but as the cosmetic giant would say 'You're worth it'.

Biodegradable cellos


Anyway, this next bit is nothing to do with my cellos but here are some more products I now use because I am now such an earth mother and eco warrior. *

(Links in titles)

Soap: I started using soap in the shower as its cheaper, but then I realised that actually I’m doing my bit in the war against plastic and I felt so awesome about it, I decided that it should be the official line from now on.

Shampoo soap: I love this stuff. You can get it in loads of places but the first bar I bought was from Avon Mill Gallery. I didn’t go specifically to buy it but my sister guilt tripped me into buying it and I loved it! Locally made and no palm oil, so no homeless orang-utans on your conscience. Winner

Re-usable face pads as a cotton wool replacement. These are the ones I bought and also love using. There are loads out there to buy, but if you want to copy me, and I think you should, get these. I love them.

(Top tip boys, these make nice gifts)

Bees wax wrap: This is to minimise plastic bags or tin foil in the sandwich game. I haven't had them long but so far so good. I can totally tell other picnickers are really jealous of how cool and eco friendly I am when I use these.

(Top tip boys, do not buy these as a gift, that would be really offensive)

* Let’s not dwell too much on the fact that I drive a short distance to drop my kid at school because I can’t be bothered to walk or that I use my tumble dryer in secret, I’m still awesome.

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