Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Kynance Cove in Cornwall poster printed on 300gsm silk paper. 


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Kynance Cove, Cornwall

  • Kynance Cove poster printed onto 300gsm silk paper. I can also print larger sizes so please make contact for more information.


    I print onto 300gsm silk art paper. The print will be wrapped in a *biodegradable plastic cover and then carefully wrapped to protect it in the post.

    * The cellophane I use is made from potato starch! It looks the same as plastic but will biodegrade within 6 months in a compost bin! Please dispose of it in your kitchen caddy compost bin. Then pat yourself on the back for being awesome.

    * If you are ordering a frame, please note that there is a 10 day lead time as the frames are made to order. 

    * You may notice that items arrive in packaging for other brands. This is because I always try to recycle packaging where I can. If your item arrives with bubble wrap, please recycle appropriately. 

    * The frame in the images are for presentation purposes, the print doesn't automatically come with a frame unless you've ordered one


     When you receive your print, take lots of care when unpacking it. If the print comes in a box tube, it will have been rolled in biodegradable ‘plastic’ to protect it. Gently pull the edge of the wrapping to remove the print from the tube. Try to minimise handling the print until you’re ready to display it.

     Keep your print out of direct sunlight. The sun will fade the colours in time.

     The print should not be kept anywhere that is damp. 

     If you order a framed print, then always hold the frame by the picture 
    string on the reverse, rather than the edges of the frame. 

     The frames I use have glass rather than acrylic plastic so take lots of care when handling them.

     If you are framing the print yourself, always make sure you have clean dry 
    hands and a flat surface. Try not to handle the print too much. Make sure there are no flecks of dust on the glass.